Skew-T Web Sites

Popular Skew-T Log-P information and reference web sites . . .

Jeff Haby's SkewT Basics.  An excellent educational overview and discussion.

Millersville Meteorology SkewT Introduction.  A step-by-step application of sounding data.

Introduction to the SkewT Diagram.  A basic SkewT mini-course.

SFSU Skew-T Diagram Basics.  A discussion of the diagram's thermodynamic properties.

COMET SkewT Training Program.  Registration required.  No Cost.  Operated by UCAR.

Colorado State Skew-T Manual.  Great PDF document with detailed text and graphics.

Sounding plotting and analysis book.  Learn SkewT and Hodograph methods.

Internet Thunder - A SkewT tutorial.  Good examples and discussions.

Weather Balloons and SkewTs.  Describes equipment, data, and processing.

Sounding Diagram Construction.  Excellent mathematical review of diagram types & differences.

NCAR Interactive SkewT retrieval system.  Displays plotted SkewT images.

UWYO Interactive SkewT retrieval system.  Displays plotted sounding images and source data.

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